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A Tap-Pad for the Shooting Table.

Bitte bei der Bestellung die gewünschte Farbe angeben. Bei nicht vorrätigen Farben kann sich die Lieferzeit und etwas erhöhen. Individuelle Wünsche werden vor dem Kauf abgesprochen. Es wird ein entsprechendes Angebot erstellt, auf dem alle anfallen Kosten und die voraussichtliche Lieferzeit ersichtlich sind.

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The Tap-Pad is a Shooting Stand Cover with several benefits:

  • Slippery cover to slide the pistol over it without disruption
  • non-Slippery bottom
  • Individualization possible (Color / Print) -> Easy Spotting of the correct Shooting Stand in the heat of the competition
  • severals Sizes (Individual as well), see Pictures



Individualization possible


Length Regular: 15 / 20 cm


Width Regular 10 / 15 cm


Non-Slip Back Side


Fits perfect into the pistol case!


As you can see in the "Individualized picture" the Pad wears off by time as the pistol slips over it. The picture shows a daily usage for about a month ... I'll update the description as soon as I "destroyed" the pad to give you a proper information of the durability.

You can select the color individually. If you have a special color request it might be a little bit more expensive.

You can Individualize the Pad with your own Print (Text / Image). Please note: The image hase to be a "shape". If it's a "normal" picture the effort to create the shape that can be put on the pad will be charged, but that's possible as well.


10x15, 10x20, 15x15, 15x20, individual


White, Black, Green, Blue, Red/Orange, Individual


no, yes

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